Osage Publications

Osage Publications is an independent publisher under the Osage group of companies. Osage Publications provides end to end service in the design, editing , translations, and printing of books and catalogues, with a specific focus on philosophy, art, culture, technology and sciences. (PACTS)

All our publications are listed on the Osage Publications Online Bookstore. Every purchase supports the Osage Art Foundation, for fostering Creative Communities, promoting Cultural Co-operation and building Creative Capacity.

Osage Group

The Osage group of companies comprises a range of creative industry businesses that are seamlessly integrated horizontally and vertically in order to maximize operating efficiencies and to generate creative synergies between business units.

The businesses are horizontally integrated in the fields of art, design and publication, fashion and furnishing and vertically integrated in artist management, product development and manufacture, sourcing, procurement, shipping and logistics, exhibition design and management, wholesale and retail sales.

From our long-standing relationships with American and European retailers, and our extensive relationships with artists, writers, designers, architects, critics, curators, art museum professionals and art collectors we see increasing emphasis being placed on the value of creative ideas and on concepts such as lifestyle and knowledge base retailing.  This is clearly reflected in our relationship building with artists, scholars and intellectuals, collectors and in our developing exciting new directions of businesses in the group