Lui Chun Kwong. You Are Here, I Am Not.

ISBN : 978-988-99399-4-6
Publisher : Osage Art Foundation
Date Published : November 2012
Author : Vivian Poon, Eva Man, Ho Siu Kee
Editor : Agnes Lin, Eugene Tan
Designer : Ansion Suen for Osage Design
Curator : Eugene Tan, Vivian Poon, Sonja Ng
Artist/s: : AMA, Au Hoi Lam, Chan Sai Lok, Chow Chun Fai, Josephine Chow, Margaret Chu,
Carmen Ho, Ho Sin Tung, Ho Siu Kee, Hui Chui Hung, Hung Keung, Hong Ko,
Kong Chun Hei, Kong Kee, Kwan Sheung Chi, Wong Wai Yin, Cass Lam,
Lam Hiu Tung, Jaffa Lam, Lam Tung Pang, Lam Yuk Lin, Lam Yuk Mui, Flora Fok
Yim Sui Fong, Sarah Lai, Elise Lai, Woody Lee, Woody Lee, Leung Chi Wo,
Sara Wong, Joey Leung, Otto Li, Li Lau Mang, Ling Chin Tang, Lui Chun Kwong,
Ma Chi Hang, Mok Yat San, Man Fung Yi, Pak Sheung Chuen, Sin Yuen,
Samuel Adam Swope, Tang Kwok Hin, Tsang Chui Mei, Sara Tse, Tse Yim On,
Annie Wan, Wong Chiu Tat, Wong Tin Yan, Woofer Ten, Yolanda Yeung, Karr Yip

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition, Lui Chun Kwong: You Are Here, I Am Not held  at Osage Kwun Tong from 18 September 2010 to 07 November 2010.

The exhibition consists of works by more than fifty Hong Kong artists. All the participating artists are graduates of the Fine Arts Department at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where Lui taught for more than twenty years. For this exhibition, Lui sees his works as ready-mades that become the starting point for collaboration with his former students. After initial discussions with Lui, the artists are at complete liberty to use the work, and even transform it with their own ideas and interpretations, to create a new work. With Lui’s artworks as the point of departure, this exhibition will examine the possibilities resulting from collaboration between Lui and his former students and will further explore the intricate and complex relationship between teacher and student and its role in artistic creation. Through this fellowship of past teacher-student relations and their collaboration as artists in the present, as well as a platform to differentiate from their usual mode of thinking and working, it will also be an examination of the artistic practices of each artist in the exhibition.

Featured Artists

Beyond The Image

ISBN : 978-988-18126-6-7
Publisher : Osage Gallery
Date Published : June 2009
Author : Dr. Lu Peng, Ian Findlay-Brown
Editor : Carmen Ho
Designer : Osage Design
Curator : Eugene Tan
Artist/s: : Lui Chun Kwong, Liang Quan, Yan Shanchun

This publication was published as the catalogue to the exhibition, Beyond the Image: Liang Quan, Lui Chunkwong & Yan Shanchun held at Osage Kwun Tong from 29 May to 28 June 2009.

Beyond the Image marks an exhibition of three of the most established abstract painters in the region, Liang Quan, Lui Chunkwong, and Yan Shanchun. The exhibition is a rare opportunity to bring together works by the three masters to audiences in Hong Kong. Although distinctly different in their approaches to painting, their works explore the intricate relationships between tradition and innovation, abstraction and representation, real space and poetic imagination.

Liang Quan’s paintings employ collage instead of traditional forms of painting to express his affection for classicality. The craft of collage is transformed by Liang into an act of great character, mediated by the concept behind the act — a kind of inner cultivation akin to an old monk sewing old clothes. Thus, his paintings are characterized by a sense of calm, freshness and vagary. His works are accumulations of delicate details, murmuring, opposing and cancelling out each other, yet resulting in emptiness as a whole.

Lui Chunkwong’s recent paintings have taken on a more abstract and reductive approach, returning painting to its origin. Lui’s paintings shift the focus away from the subject matter of the painting, to the question of ‘what is painting’ – a shift that is a direct reflection of his living attitude. In the intensity of the lines, their tonal variations and hues, the viewer can almost picture the water, the mountain, the landscape Lui is trying to portray, not in a figurative sense but in a metaphysical level. Between the different types of lines Lui employs in his paintings, lies a spiritual space in which the artist invites his audience to roam and share.

Yan Shanchun’s paintings explore “contradiction”. His paintings are simultaneously extemporaneous and narrative, but never without refrain. In terms of style, he pursues elegance while retaining a touch of rawness and rusticity — “immature and delicate” in his own words.  His recent works draw inspiration from memories of his childhood visual experience and his hometown, the West Lake, using ink, acrylic and fresco.