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ISBN : 978-988-17583-3-0
Publisher : Osage
Date Published : October 2008
Author : Jonathan Thomson, Evangelo Costadimas
Editor : Agnes Lin
Designer : Max Tsoi
Curator : Evangelo Costadimas
Artist/s: : William Lim

This catalogue was first published on the occasion of the exhibition, William Lim: Destination held at Osage Soho from 11 October to 27 October 2008.

Destination is a solo exhibition of photographs by artist and architect William Lim comprising photographs culled from his recent trip around the world. The word “destination” may conjure up images of travel for leisure and holidays in glamorous or picturesque locations that result in dozens of holiday snaps neatly filed in albums.  However, this is not Lim’s motivation. He likens this body of work to a string of incidents or landmarks that dot our lives, as for him “life is a journey searching for a destination”.

There is a basic difference between those who call themselves travellers as opposed to merely tourists. To the traveller the journey matters more than the destination. The significance of the destination may not be fully realized even at the time one reaches it. It may delight or disappoint. It acquires and accumulates meaning through what occurs along the way. The ‘getting there’ is the fun bit. The journey in itself becomes the destination or as Baudelaire put it “But the true voyagers are those who depart for the sake of departing”.

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