True Colors: Chinese Painting Today


ISBN: 978-988-17583-6-1


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ISBN : 978-988-17583-6-1
Publisher : Osage Shanghai
Date Published : March 2008
Author : Cheng Jin, Sheng Wei
Editor : Agnes Lin
Designer : Joseph Yiu
Curator : Cheng Jin
Artist/s: : Cao Jingping, Chen Ke, Fanga Nan, Liao Yibai, Liu Ye, Ji Lei, Qin Qi, Xiang Guohua,Xu Xin, Xu Xiaoguo

This publication was published as the catalogue to the exhibition, True Colors: Chinese Painting Today held at Osage Shanghai from 07 September to 27 October 2008.

Featuring ten contemporary Chinese artists, True Colors presents selections of “Chinese PaintingToday”, as another expression of contemporary painting or new painting without focus on a certain new style or school since there are many to choose from. The term “new painting” holds true because of the way it speaks for the energetic Chinese contemporary painting, the ways in which it meets the demand of creating new models, and the ways it reveals all the experiments and breakthroughs in today’s Chinese painting.

In recent years, it is a trend among Chinese artists to be consciously reflective. Successive experimental breakthroughs are frequently witnessed in painting circles. In their personal languanges, artists are pursuing a freer expression of inner soul and self transcendence. More and more artists go back to the essence of painting, trying to break new paths in this field. Boundaries are expected to extend. Every attempt to invent a new device, method or language opens up a new era.

Ten extraordinary artists who stand out for their sharp sense and independent attitude have been invited to participate in this exhibition. As the title suggests, the exhibition intends to focus on current developments and trends in Chinese contemporary painting in order to apprise what, is really happening, but it is also a particular reference to the resumed modes of color application and brush work.

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