PLACE-Hampi: Inhabiting the Panoramic Imaginary of Vijayanagara


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ISBN : 978-3-868281-24-8
Publisher : Kehrer Verlag
Date Published : 2012
Author : Sarah Kenderdine
Designer : Pidgeon, Sarah Kenderdine
Language : English (240 Pages)
Artist/s: : Jeffrey Shaw

Hampi, the ancient Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagara, is a spectacular UNESCO world heritage site in Southern India. This lavishly illustrated book celebrates its unique landscape and monuments in the context of a groundbreaking interactive art installation, Place-Hampi, which elevates this vibrant contemporary pilgrimage centre into an embodied theater of participation. In this book, the languages of archaeology, photography and new media converge to reveal how history, the natural environment, mythology and everyday cultural practices are closely interwoven. Launched in 2006, PLACE-Hampi continues to be presented as an emerging paradigm for rendering the tangible and intangible cultural experience of place.

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