Hardware, Software, Artware: Confluence of Art and Technology. Art Practice at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media 1992–1997


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ISBN : 3-89322-928-0
Publisher : ZKM Center for Art and Media
Date Published : 1997
Author : Christoph Blase, Margaret Morse, Annika Blunck, Timothy Murray, Erkki Huhtamo, Louis Bec, Harald Ringier, Martin Emele, Astrid Sommer, Jeffery Shaw
Editor : ZKM Center for Art and Media
Designer : Moniteurs, Berlin
Languages : German and English ( 200 Pages + 1 CD)
Artist/s: : Jeffrey Shaw

Technologies have evolved at breathtaking speed over the past century – from the first simple applications to highly specialized solutions in the fields of business, medicine, science, research and art. Hardware – Software – ARTware is a comprehensive guide to the use of multi-media technologies in art. The authors investigate media concepts, projects and works of art in analyzing the work of the ZKM/Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Institut für Bildmedien. Their discussion examines the relationship between artists and programmers as well as the development of media technologies from 1992 to the present. The book opens a view to a totally new approach to the use of synthetic media in art and scholarly research, illustrating at the same time the fascinating appeal of work with media technologies. The key questions of relevance in every phase of technological development are examined with reference to the individual projects realized at the ZKM. Is the recipient to be incorporated into the work of art as a passive viewer or an active user? How are interactive strategies developed? A comprehensive index and bibliography make this book a valuable reference work on the subject of media art.

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