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ISBN : 978-988-12248-2-8
Date Published : May 2014
Publisher : Osage
Editor : Agnes Lin
Author : Charles Merewether
Designer : Sceroz Chan (Osage Design)
Curator : Charles Merewether
Artist/s: : Ng Joon Kiat, Ringo Bunoan, Lee Young Rim, Yu Ji

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition, Poetics of Materiality held at Osage Hong Kong from 04 January to 16 February 2014.

This catalogue showcases works by four artists, Ringo Bunoan (The Philippines), Young Rim Lee (South Korea), Ng Joon Kiat (Singapore), and Yu Ji (China) who come from four different countries that together span East and South East Asia. Placed besides one another, the art work of these four artists show a certain unity as much as a distinction. This unity is a commitment to the materiality of artistic practice not simply the basis of much of artistic practice but, as its subject.

Utilizing cloth or cardboard, paint, wood or stone, almost all materials have not been previously used. They are raw or manufactured materials to be used or re-used. The process or, in other words, the very making or construction of their work is integral to the subject itself. The work gains its inspiration not from some external factor, as if imposed from without. The work builds through and out of itself. That is, it comes from within, out of a then unclear logic inscribed in the first lineaments, if not principles, of its construction. The understanding of this logic comes through the process of working and reflection and working again. There is a slow succession of decisive actions, additions or interventions. There is nothing swift about this process nor necessarily certain. It may fail or not succeed to build. Or, hopefully, it will gain momentum and the process continues and then perhaps stops. Finished. The work is done.

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