Wilson Shieh: Lady Killers


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ISBN : 978-988-17583-2-3
Publisher : Osage
Date Published : September 2008
Author : Evangelo Costadimas
Editor : Agnes Lin
Designer : Max Tsoi
Curator : Isabel Ching
Artist/s: : Wilson Shieh

This publication was published as the catalogue to the exhibition, Wilson Shieh Solo Exhibition: Lady Killers held at Osage Shanghai from 07 September to 27 October 2008.

You may not expect someone who has mastered the traditional fine brush painting style of Gongbi to apply it to contemporary art but that is exactly what Hong Kong artist Wilson Shieh does, and his work combines ancient technique with modern content to devastating effect.

In his first solo exhibition with Osage Contemporary Art and Ideas, Wilson Shieh will present his “Lady Killers” series of paintings and drawings at Osage Shanghai.

New work by Shieh is always eagerly anticipated by his many admirers.  His work embodies all manner of contrasts and contradictions in order to unveil the hidden and sometimes perverse relationship between his subjects’ inner selves and their outward appearance. He seeks the conflicts in contrasts in order to bring forth a narrative that is allegorical in nature.

Some names are so inextricably linked to our seemingly insatiable fixation with celebrity that their mere mention brings an indelible image to mind.  Shieh gives his works titles such as Victoria, Mary, Diana and Mulan.   Who do you think of?  In the series In “Lady Killers”, Shieh casts his female figures in archetypal roles inspired by the antitheses between femininity and masculinity, modern and traditional, and dominance and subjugation.


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