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ISBN : 978-988-17583-9-2
Publisher : Osage Kwun Tong
Date Published : July 2008
Author : Jonathan Thomson
Editor : Agnes Lin
Designer : Joseph Yiu
Curator : Isabel Ching
Artist/s: : Cai Jin, Cheng Shu Lea, Chen Xiaodan, Doris Wong, Eva Chan, Geng Xue, Ivy Ma,
Jaffa Lam, Lam Waikit, Sara Tse, Siy Takyin, Sun Guojuan, Suzy Cheung Kaisun,
Tan Yukking

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition, Women’s Works held at Osage Kwun Tong from 18 July to 29 August 2008.

It is a legacy that unites the twelve Chinese artists represented in this exhibition.  While not necessarily explicitly Feminist in intent, all of the female artists in this exhibition are working as catalysts for change.  This is not to suggest that they are unique in this or are working towards the resolution of issues that are specifically gender based or are addressing the roles and relations between men and women.  They have all been selected because they bring a particular female sensibility to their work without necessarily essentialising either a male or female nature.  Their work addresses a broad range of issues and employs a variety of attitudes, media and forms.  The female artists in this exhibition are all women working for what women want.  Feminism gave them the ability to put their ideas to work.

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