Xu Xiaoguo : Performance In Waiting




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ISBN : 978-988-99906-9-5
Publisher : Osage
Date Published : August 2007
Author : Jiang Jiehong
Editor : Agnes Lin
Designer : Joseph Yiu
Curator : Yan Tung
Artist/s: : Xu Xiaoguo

This publication was published as the catalogue to the exhibition, Performance in Waiting held at Osage Kwun Tong from 10 August to 09 September 2007.

Performance in Waiting features works by Chinese artist, Xu Xiaoguo. In this exhibition, the artist  presents us with riddles and enigmas wrapped up in extravagantly theatrical paintings. 

When attending a live theatrical production we willingly suspend disbelief in order to more fully engage with the story being told.  And with art we know that whatever is depicted is not the thing itself but a representation of it.  This is a theme famously explored by the French Surrealist Rene Magritte in his painting The Treachery of Images.  It is also a theme which informs the work of Xu Xiaoguo.  In his extravagantly theatrical paintings he makes the artifice explicit in order to help us focus on the complex allegorical content. 

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