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ISBN : 978-988-98388-4-3,978-988-98388-4-2
Publisher : Osage Contemporary Art Space
Date Published : 2006
Author : Gu Zhenqing, Jonathan Thomson
Editor : Agnes Lin, Miao Xiaochun
Designer : He Hao
Curator : –
Artist/s: : Miao Xiaochun

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition, Image + Imagination at Osage Contemporary Art Space, Hong Kong from 01 September to 31 October 2006.

Image + Imagination marks Chinese artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. In this exhibition, Miao uses technology to give us a new way of seeing and succeeds brilliantly. 

Miao has created a three dimensional model of Michelangelo’s painting and has populated it with digital versions of all the some four hundred figures that play a part in the unfolding drama.  In Miao’s works, collectively titled The Last Judgement in Cyberspace, we are no longer tied to just one point of view but can now be a witness to Michelangelo’s vision, both from within his painting from the point of view of any one of the participants, and from above, below, in front of and behind the image. 

Miao gives Michelangelo’s work an alternative immediacy that helps facilitate a dialogue between the past and the present.  Our different perspectives, from within and from outside the painting, allow us to engage with the painting and its protagonists and their imagined physical space in precisely the same way as Michelangelo did himself.  This is Miao’s remarkable achievement.

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