The Sun Teaches Us That History is Not Everything


ISBN: 978-988-77281-1-5 


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ISBN : 978-988-77281-1-5
Publisher : Osage Art Foundation
Date Published : May 2019
Author : Raphael Fonseca, Patrick D. Flores, Linda Lai, Caterina Riva, Solange Farkas
Charles Merewether
Editor : Raphael Fonseca, Agnes Lin
Designer : Jun Cambel, Belle Leung for Osage Design
Curator : Raphael Fonseca
Artist/s: : Jonas Arrabal, Chang Chi Chai, Kent Chan, Eric Fok, Miho Hagino &
Taro Zorrilla, FX Harsono, Mimian Hsu, Mella Jaarsma, Juliana Kase,
Linda Lai, Esvin Alarcon Lam, Daniel Lie,Sandra Nakamura, Nguyen Trinh
Thi, Joao O, Yudi Rafael, Norberto Roldan, Mark Salvatus, Shima, Melati
Suryodarmo, Shinpei Takeda, Tang Kwok-hin, Andre Terayama,
Tromarama, David Zink-yi

This catalogue was published to the exhibition, The Sun Teaches Us That History Is Not Everything held at Osage Hong Kong from 26 March to 06 May 2018.

This exhibition brings together 26 artists – 14 from South America and Mexico, 8 from Southeast Asia and 4 from Hong Kong and Macau and generate new perspectives around contemporary art.  The exhibition seeks to find a dialogue between Southeast Asia, South and Central America and Mexico. Curator Raphael Fonseca looked for artists with an interest in a critical articulation between the past and the present. He says, “All of the artists in this project are interested in raising questions about the relations between the historical past and the present. How can the past affect the present and how can contemporary art practice transform historical documents in very different kinds of narratives? What are the relations between macro and micro history?”

“The artists here have interests in important topics like immigration and refuge, the relation between documents and historical truth, the borders between historical and fictional writings and the tension between national histories and familial anecdotes.”

The title of the exhibition is based on a quote from “Betwixt and Between” by the Nobel Prize winning writer Albert Camus. Recalling the difficulties of his early life in Algeria Camus wrote “I was placed halfway between the misery and the sun. Misery kept me from believing that all was well under the sun, and the sun taught me that history isn’t everything.”

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